I have made a new website for my work:


This old one will still exist in archive, but I won´t be posting any longer…

you can also find me on facebook:


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The Lover on tour

Last year and this season has been an incredible adventure! The Lover has been on tour and the audience reactions have been way beyond my brightest imagination and hopes. We had our 30th performance last Saturday at cc Nova Wetteren in Belgium. There of have been 16 performances in theatres all around Belgium and Holland, and 14 performances on location at TAZ festival in Oostende! Thank you to all who have supported us and made this possible, and many thanks to our warm, welcoming and dedicated audience.

Now there remain only a couple of more chances to experience The Lover this spring:

4th of March in Koksijde in Belgium (a neighbour of Oostende)
The Lover in Casino

25th of March in Beersel Belgium (a Brussels suburb!!)
The Lover in cc de meent

Evelyne Coussens, published 19 October 2015 in Theaterkrant:
“The magic of The Lover lies in the way in which Sigfúsdóttir constructs an allegory for an ancient process of creation, rather than an anecdotal history: it is not a birth, but life itself that emerges, in jerky stages. The unelaborate and concentrated language of movement opens the floodgates of the imagination. And paradoxically enough, this impersonal approach has something spiritual to it as well: despite all the convincing biological explanations, the contemplation of origin and transience – even in a performative context – remains a ‘wonder. A dangerous wonder, definitely, but the way Bára Sigfúsdóttir makes palpable this disaster is also of great beauty.”

The Lover is apart of the Circuit X selection for young talent his year and HERE you can find all the information about our upcoming dates as well as for the other performances which I warmly recommend checking out!

I wish you a nice week!


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Working on a new creation with Norwegian choreographer Janne-Camilla Lyster

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THE LOVER plays 14 times at Theater aan Zee festival in Oostende, Belgium

Tonight we had our general and now WE ARE READY FOR TAZ#15!!!!

THE LOVER will have a marathon in the coming days as we play it 14 times next week!! Tickets are mostly sold out but here you can find the ones that remain: tickets for THE LOVER

Also – THE LOVER made an appearance on the VRT this evening (The Flemish Radio and Television Station) THE LOVER on TV


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THE LOVER @ Theaterfestival

We are soooo excited to perform THE LOVER at the Theaterfestival in Brussels this September as a part of the Circuit X selection. I would also like to warmly recommend the festival as a whole since there are many interesting performances taking place, and especially to check out the other performances of the Circuit X selection: http://www.theaterfestival.be/2015/circuitx

tickets and info: http://www.theaterfestival.be/2015/lover

Be welcome 🙂

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¡Bára Sigfúsdóttir on facebook!

I have made a facebook page for my work! You are most welcome to follow up, like and share with your friends, family and friends friends. Have a great day and a smashing summer!! https://www.facebook.com/bara.sigfusdottir.choreographer

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THE LOVER @ Circuit X


THE LOVER has been selected to participate in the Circuit X network for the season of 2015-2016 – meaning we will have some wonderful opportunities to perform in both Flanders and The Netherlands! Stay tuned for dates – We look forward to welcome you to one or more of our performances and then see you for a chat afterwards!

-The Lover team



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